Thursday, September 30, 2010

To Fellow Bloggers

Just a little note :) Color postings come out clearer on the background!

Try Being in Middle School Again You Parents!

I just wrote three long paragraphs about what my day was like and high school. It was really good and I put an hour of effort into it. And guess what marvelous thing occurs. I try to change the color of one word and it all deletes. What a wonderful world in the word of Louis Armstrong. So if this has ever happened to you which Im sure it has, i feel your pain. 
Basically right now Im typing really fast on pure anger. 
So instead of writing it all again I'll give you a briefing

- My parents are more involved in High School applications than me
- My dad made me a list of jobs like nuero scientist and physicist.
- I'm no mathematician
- I skipped Ballet today
- Ballet is not for wimps.
        If anyone wants to see my leg muscles to prove it i'll gladly oblige. 
-I'm scarred dance high schools won't accept me
- "Passion" in dance usually looks plain cheesy.
- I wanna Be a biogeneticist 
- Study of genes and mixing species 
-I got good at looking through a microscope Etc.
- My Twin is driving me bananas 
- Over the summer I fell in love with rock climbing
-Im looking at a school majoring in Scuba Tomorrow.

PS. To get the fullest out of this post read it in one breathe. If there are any medical emergencies do to this instruction..."Wasn't Me!"

Love, Laady <3