Monday, August 15, 2011

August Something

I doubt anyone has looked at this for a long time. I actually forgot about blog until just now. 
I've lived in seven houses in the past three months.
The first of which was the house I lived in for 11 years.
The second being a rental. The rental I lived in during the last months of middle school. A whole lotta lasts.
The third not exactly counting. Stayed with grandparents in Chicago for a month. Half because we didn't have a house in New York. The other half for vacation.
The fourth being the house of a family close to mine while they were away on vacation.
The fifth being the house that same family were vacationing at in Cape Cod. Again, not exactly counting.
The sixth being the house of the people across the street from my old house and the house I hopefully will move into next month. Due to our homelessness we were asked to housesit.
The seventh being the second rental, the house I am in now.
Just thought I would bring this up.
Moving sucks.