Friday, December 31, 2010

Doctor Sonja

Here is a video where my little sister talks about things. (in the comments)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

green eggs.

time is screwed up here.
I cannot believe how fast this is. But about two minutes ago, the scarecrow posted, and gave us away. Argh. Looks like I'm on my own now, partner.
And thanks for the invite to the blog. I might come. Wednesdays, right? I don't know if I should, would be weird. How was your christmas break? We've got a bit left, use it wisely.
If she told you guys stuff I might as well go ahead and do the same. I am the more random one. well I was. Now, I am the only one, seeing as the last post was a resignation from my other half. And since I am on my own, I don't know if I'm posting again anyway. I do not want to stand alone in dangerous fields. This might be goodbye. Maybe not. Write to me, I'll respond, but otherwise...

Sincerly, ThE sCaReCrOw. (The guy)

The Scarecrow

I don't have anywhere else to put this. I'm bored. ANd tired. I kinda want to stop posting here, I kinda want to stay. Here is a list.
I miss summer.
I miss when life was easy, or easier.
I miss my friends.
I miss my old friends. They ditched me. But I really miss them.
I miss childhood.
I miss mittens.
I miss cartoons.
I miss fighting hard to stay up late.
I miss good movies.
I miss the sun.
I miss elementary school. Sometimes.
I miss green walls and creaky wood floors.
I miss innocence.
I miss Christmas cheer, even though it was only a few days ago.
I miss the excitement of staying home from school.
I miss 51 ahead of time. A little.
I miss picture books and board games and dolls and toys.
Wow this list is a little bit depressing, so here is a happier list.

I like strawberries
I like snow days
I like sun days
I like water
I like pillows.
I like good movies and books and tv shows and things in life.
I like reading.
I like writing.
I like imagination.

I almost told you who I was. I almost did, I deleted it. Okay I'm going to tell you some things.
AH maybe not.
OKay. "THE SCARECROW" is two people. A girl and a boy. I am the girl.
it wasn't my idea to post on this blog, it was his.
I'm not coming back to the blog. Well maybe to read, but not to write. I feel really weird about this. oh god my partner in crime is going to kill me.


Sunday, December 19, 2010


- i hate boys
- i hate walking
- i hate taking the bus
- i hate making myself food
- i hate people who are mean
- i hate food that is sweet and savory
- i hate sterio types
- i hate fake maple syrup
- i hate when people ask me if they look ok
- i hate dictators
- i hate fake ocd's
- i hate controlling friends
- i hate traveling a lone
- i hate the song "Im a lil drunk and i need you now"
- i hate my schedule
- i hate getting sick
- i hate unripe fruit
- i hate people that cut you off
- i hate when your right but i change the answer on your test
- i hate eating a lone
- i hate being cold
- i hate not bringing money to lunch
- i hate mooching
- i hate meat
- i hate when baking goes wrong
- i hate making myself smoothies and theres huge chunks of ice in it
- i hate capitalizing
- i hate cheesy poetry
- i hate lyrical dance
- i hate fur coats
- i hate shots
- i hate aqwardness
- i hate math
- i hate numbers
- i hate homework
- i hate anonymouses
- i hate tattle tales
- i hate child prodigies
- i when the toilet paper runs out
- i hate when you need a key to the bath room
- i hate being stood up
- i hate competition
- i hate war
- i hate horror movies
- i hate grease 2
- i hate dramatic trailers
- i hate breaking my pencil lead right after i sharpened it
- i hate waking up early
- i hate sweating
- i hate gym class
- i hate when teachers "are always right"
- i hate when smart people get things wrong

-i love a alot more than i hate

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear Scare Crow

Please read our info box. It may be informative to your lunch schedule.

Thanks, Mario and Bruno <3

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Y'know mister scare crow, i've never been good at unscrammbelling things like such. As for Charlie Brown he's a hopeless loser i agree. Nothing of the such that isin't worthy of an opponent. Like Popeye. Popeye could beat the crap out of linus, woodstock, and charles any day. Yes, even christmas. Cotton and Smith are my hands, Lucky and Jazz are my rats. Do you have any pets? I also have a mouse who is a murderer. His name is Murder Mouse and he is really fat. I also have a dog, a cat, a lizard, a cow, 5 chickens, and a horse. My name is Murtha. What is yours?

Decode THIS

leaves of three, let it be.

i sdgaskrm nghjoyrft yghfosdruswr eghynsdferktmhjky
- the scarecrow

We're off to see the wizard

Nothing that should worry you
nothing you should fear
only listen closely
if you know what's coming near.
This comes from quite close to the heart
yet still not far from ear.
Tis nothing, nothing at all concerning
nothing you should fear.

Don't you charlie brown me lucky and jazz. Linus and Woodstock were always my favorites.

How is the blog going? I seem to be the only regular poster now, which is weird. I hope you decide if I should stay or go. Did I ever tell you I play kazoo for a living? I make 100,000 dollars a year for it. I'm pretty good.

What's your favorite TV show Jazz? I hear lucky's is the today show. or the tonight show. Or the late-night show, I don't know.
Oh jeez I am bored.

Talent? How is talent, you say? I hate mine. Wish i could transfer into anything, anything, even if it was chorus or photography or band...


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dear Sir Scarecrow,

A fan of oliver and Company i see, me too. Ain't nothing better then poor oliver beggin' for more soup. As for the songs, i can live without 'em. Y, tu? Anyways i see you've got good taste between Dinosaurs, humans, and the thanksgiving day parade, charlie brown! That stuff is frickin' classy man y'know? You saw our poster? on the second floor? I made it and pretty darn well if i do say so myself, it caught your eye ,huh? And even in the rush of the 2 minutes you have to get to your next class? or maybe after school? In the morning? You have a keen eye my friend, even i might not even caught that. So how 'bout some small talk. Hows talent? Mine im not so fond of.

I hope you see this mister for if you dont you might not even be respectable enough to get a second serving of that soup.

Yours Truly, Lucky and Jazz

Sharing is for tourists, kid

i'm on a boat. Sailing away, in the deep blue sea. Swim so high, swim so free. I keep on getting carried away. Okay. I see a lighthouse far ahead and yell "captain, the light has been shed! We are free! We are safe! Finally!" and the crew goes "YEAH" and the captain says "arr, good job mate!" And we sail away toward the light of hope.
We get there, yes we do, but turns out that was no light of hope. Twas infact the light of death. Yes, that is right. We sailed our ship right of the edge of the world. We plunged down, down down, into the darkness, me and that ship, we did. With a crash and a boom we hit the cold stone floor, yes the floor of the darkness and doom. I yelled up to my captain " I reckon we're alive! Hurrah!" And the crew goes "YEAH" and the captain says "arr, good job mate!" and we get out of the ship and walk to our fate.
So we get to the edge of the edge of the world, a cliff a recollect, a great fall. No, no one fell down that, except Bucaneer McGee, I reckon he was askin for it, yes he asked indeed. I said to me captain "aye, what say you cap'n? What shall we do?" And the captain, he said "Mate I'll tell you what to do. Go climb up, up back into the world. Find of some rescue, or I'm through with you!" I asked "what are you saying sir?" and with that he replied: I'll tell you, oh I'll tell you alright. He gave me a great shove, and down, down I fell. Plunged farther and farther, like falling into a well. I fell till I hit ground, this time my homes ground. Oh joy to the world! I have returned!
So I went to get help for the great captain Smeed, but instead I found a device, a strange one indeed. I opened the device, and saw a strange image, strange image twas there twice. It read:
NEW POST, yes that's what it said. So with all of my good thinking I clicked it and hear, I pushed strange letter buttons; pushed a story not mere. Yes I told the grand story, not to be found in the sea, yes I told the great story of the deep blue sea.

-The Scarecrow. <3

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From the Scarecrow

So. Love and hate, huh? Been there done that. Since I know how your feeling, Ima make a deal.
You decide. Love or hate. You let me post (not very often) in my anonymous-random way and we can be cool, no more freaky threats or letters. Or I can leave. Never look back. To be honest, I don't want to ruin this blog for you. If you pick hate over love, I'll stop. Don't want things getting out of hand, ay lion?

I would like to point out that you've got two scarecrows on your hands. I posted the first frizzle-mobober. Two (or three) of the posts are not from me... looks like one of you does impressions.

These are pretty funny aren't they?

Oh. P.S I saw your freaky green poster with MY NAME on it on the second floor. Or third floor, don't remember. Didn't your mama ever teach you to not give out personal info? I mean MY NAME on a poster in the hallways. Waz up with that?

I LOVE YOU and HATE YOU too. <3 The Scarecrow (bit better than the blankity-blank frizzle, ay?)

P.P.S say hi to the cowardly lion for me.

P.P.P.S I call the me-impersinator the Cowardly Lion

To The Scarecrow

We really want to know who you are...
Some of us want to change the password so you can't post anymore
but some of us like it, and think your interesting!
At least one of us is stalking you presently.
I see you.
see me? I'm invisible!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


if you think about it
monkeys share 99.something the sane Dna as us so you are almost a monkey, you are almost a monkey everybody is almost a monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (see how I took that from Opera)


what is the meaning of life? please respond...

Theoretical reasoning

This is me, other wise known as the slightly boring part of cotton smith. Any way if you're interested in discussing ideas, here you go, I just wanted to bring up with the question what is art. I was having a debate with a friend a little while ago saying that art couldn't be anything, for example, a man sculpted a blob into well, a blog, and colored it yellow, and sold it for millions. I believe art has to be something that makes you feel and has excellent craftsmanship, and someone has had to work long and hard over it. I also believe it has to say something easily discernible, rather then, "the line is the way of life and where it stops, you die, it also represents a change in monotony in this turbulent world." okay, don't call me cynical but that is utter Cr*p. look how much you want to bet he took a paint brush, dipped it in black paint and made a line and vuala (sorry about the spelling mistake.) you have million dollar art. which is why I hate this whole modern art phase, I like making philosophies, and some abstraction is necessary, and you should be able to guess a bit but doing basically nothing and calling it art, I mean really... that, to me is a disgrace to people who put years and years of work into art and are never noticed, though that is partially due to societies need for something new every second of every day. this is only an opinion, and I really want to know what you think so please please please comment!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Secret Snowflake

oh secret snowflake, why can't your main interests be things I can turn into presents? Your main interest is America, and I don't know what to do with that. I think and think about different things i could give... people say that america pens and flags and american t-shirts are the best option. Are they? is that what you want secret snowflake? An american flag?
I know who has me. She said she knows who has me for secret snowflake. I said me? and she said "I dunno..." So yeah.
What do people what from their secret santas? Last year a gave a metal notebook and got a cookie. Many people were upset last year; they got money, or a gift card, or deoderant. What people want is a gift that proves they have been considering what to give for a while, that proves they followed them and got info on what they like. But what is that? What can prove that I know what Mr. America likes most? The answer remains unclear.

Response to a mabye apology

hello new member, are you from our old blog? Spaz? Smiley? Non-seq? Scarlet? anyone?

Ode to Winter

Oh winter, your silent beauty
you cover the grey and dull with the white and soft
the world is under your spell.

Though sometimes, you can hurt
really hurt.
You bite my ears and fingers with cold.
Bitter, bitter cold.

please snow. Really snow. Flurries do not count.
we want snow that sticks. Snow that is not off and on
and off and on and off and on. Real snow.
Cold will not match the the beauty of SNOW)

I can sometimes see the snow
through the shine of the streetlight
Just that is enough to make
a child smile. Or a cat. Or a dinosaur.
I look out the window today and all I see is a wish
I see the sky and the streets saying
"C'mon guys we were so close to the weather everyone anticipates"
I see little green and red and blue lights dance across the road.
Wait, no that is just a side effect of that medicine i took.
But still
so beautiful and graceful.

Okay, this is dragging on.
Snow, please come. New York needs you. Kids need you. I need you.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A maybe apology.

I am confident. You don't know who i am. I didn't start this to make you guys mad. I wnated to be a part of YOU. And now that i am, i have a few things to tell you to lay down the rules 'round here. I said i wouldn't post on here again, but i did. Now i OWN you, all of you. I am the villain, but you guys are'nt the heroes. No, i am not hurting anyone, i am just providing extensive reading material. I care about YOU. I don't want you to have to read through some of the boring material that is on HERE. I want you to be mystified by me, and search for who i am. You will never find out, but hey its worth a try. Jus to stimuate those little (little) brains of yours. Now who is cotton and smith. A vaguely remember a "cottonsmith" from last years social studies.

Keep searching guys, i believe in you (not really).

Mr.scarcerow mystery person.


My annoying terrorists siblings

So, everybody has sibligs. Right? Well, I have 2 younger siblings. A 9-year-old brainiac sister who's always trying to inform on facts that are SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO NOT TRUE!!!! And also she's always trying make me do creative stufff with her that don't want to do. And her name is: Connie Chen. Even her name is brainiac like! HA HA! Then there's my 4-year-old brother Who my parents favor SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! They hired a babysitter who spoiled my freaking 4-year-old brother. And his name is: Justin Chen. That name doesn't even suit him well.(Even though I was the one who named him.) BUT,now I regret it SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO freaking much! And I'm the oldest!
Together my brother and my sister work together. They could turn anything upside down! Like this one time it was Halloween and when I came home from school Ifound tiolet paper all over the living room. Then I ran to my room to check if "they" destroyed or even raided my room. And found that it was perfectly normal. And I sighed with releif. Then when I stepped outside my room to clean up the living room and to also call my siblings out to get into their costumes.
Guess who I found outside playing with toilet paper? AGAIN! My two younger siblings! I was quite pissed off. So I gave them a whole 1hour lecture! But, I found the lecture really funny. When I think about it again! HA HA!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Your friend, the scarecrow

You... you talkin to me? Want to know who I am, huh? Who do YOU think I am man? I dont go around telling that to evryone I meet on the street. I will give you this much though.
I am not a dinosaur, but I am not not a dinosaur.
I am not a human, but I am not not a human also.
I am one of you, and I am also not one of you.
You know me, but you don't KNOW me.
You SEE me, but you don't see me.
I am anonymous, but c'mon deep down you know who I am.
you. I am little bit of you all. Deep down you all wish you could be as random as me.
I have a blog but I do not have a blog.
I am not a person. I am people. Lemme rephrase. I am not people. I am the PEOPLE. I am the everyone everyone wants to be at somepoint.
I am not a turkey, I am not a puppy, I am not a kitty.

I'm not posting here again because that would be mean so bye!

sdfljfljngfsfrizzle <3 "The Scarecrow"

Being a Nancy Drew

okay. so. the second post by the randomletterthingsdlfksdfrizzle was not the same person as before. How do I know? Because I can tell. I think we have two anonymous frizzles on our hands, sherif.

Okay now I know who the second one is. How? Just take a look at the times everything around it was posted. So we got a bloginforest-er taking on the role of a frizzle? Well sherif, it looks like we are going to have a double mystery.

And I pullled myself out of the random blogpost world

Who is thanksgiving ode sdkfsdfjsdkfrizzle. For reals.

Yeah thats right I just said reals.

No but really who are you. It's weirding me out.

That's all


Some say i'm chairman of the bored. Hahaha. Nope, actually they say my cousin is chairman of the bored. Anways i was bored so i looked up most bizzare deaths and i found a wikepedia page the sixth thing on the list is 07 BC: Chrysippus, a Greek stoic philosopher, is believed to have died of laughter after watching his drunken donkey attempt to eat figs.[ This makes me really happy.


Yo wazup.


I know that, Mr.. Now you'are going to have to come to with me. yes to Mouunt freaky.

tdrfcuhvuic7frizzles :)

a weird conversation

How is toast made?

Well from a toaster.

How is a toaster made?

By putting machine parts together

How are machine parts made?

A machine make them?

Why is the sky purple?


really! wow learn something new everyday

wow your stupid.

My STEW doesn't have a PET.

Yes it does! LOOK A soup dog.



There is a message in my soup it does o o o

Peter those are cheerios!

My name isn't peter my name is Big

so whats your last name?



one word desecibes me

Awesome, friendly, lovable, able, reliable. Now add these words together that is what i am!
by: MR.E Lover

GyM GoSsIp

J: Jim C: Crow T: turk the turkey M:Matty
J: hello there my name is JIM and welcome to GyM GoSsIp the show that keeps ya up to date with the gossip in gym. Please welcome our under cover agent T.
T: hi people so today i got the inside info about Crow and Matty's relationship. Lets watch shall we.
( inside gym)
C: Matty we have been over this i am not your man anymore
M: Yes you are you just saying that for your rep
C: No i am just tired of your attitude
M: what attitude PLEASE ha attitude i don't have a attitude.
C: Lies!
M: Lies? i no you have been cheating on me because i asked cheaters to follow you around to don't be lying and ... wait why is there a camera
C: where?
M: that turkey has it.
T: oh no i have been spotted!
(TURK starts to run)
M: hey come here turkey i still haven't had thanksgiving dinner!
( back in the studio)
J: wow that was ...
C: hey look Matty there is the turkey!
M: yay! takes out fork, knife and bib
( Turk runs again and crow and Matty chase him into a restaurant where they had a nice turkey dinner)
J: It seems that Crow and Matty are splits ville or not you decide!
By: MR.E Lover


"Did i see what i just saw! That man? He is gonna ... no just my mind playing tricks on me.Just forget it Malinda just forget it" she whispered to herself.
Then a car turns a corner speeding like a mad man.Bam! The man is hit soaring 10 feet till he hit the ground.Thunder is booming in my head. "Oh no! It happened just like in my head but why?" said Mat. " i mustn't tell anyone what i saw. No one would believe me anyway" they both said. Little did they no they were not alone with this gift they both shared. They knew nothing of each others presents on this world of negativity. And that their journey has just begun. Their lives, hopes and gifts will change them forever. From a boy and a girl at two different parts of the city to a league of youngster who's name you will learn soon enough. A glimpse that will tear apart the fabric of reality and allow them to enter a world of danger. Where there will meet their allies and their enemies.
by: Mr.E lover!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Town

Orange Walls. Paint Peeling. Gray Skies. Gray Sidewalks. Big cars. People walking. Black Coats. Tall buildings. Brownstones. Small houses. Schools that sometimes look like prisons. Schools that sometimes feel like prisons. Parks with playgrounds and astro turf. Kids named Oliver or Chester. People giving looks. Eating pizza. Doing homework. Not doing homework. Drawing acting dancing singing photographing filming playing hanging watching saying. Posting on blogs. Writing reading responses. Reading books. Listening to music. Old music new music. Trying to speak in spanish. Rebelling. Rebelling without a cause. Being loud. Being different. Being normal. Trying to understand math. Understanding math. doodling. spacing out. looking out a window. Being told to pay attention. Thinking about things to post on a blog. Posting them. Thinking about what to title this post. Not being sure. Having second thoughts. Watching TV. laughing. Thinking about high school. Not thinking about high school. Wondering, imagining, making people laugh. Wearing combat boots. Being yourself.

Our town.

Monday, November 29, 2010

A freaky ode to thanksgiving

Saw the parade on NBC the other day. Saw that snoopy balloon and was like

Wow that's a big dog you got there, guys. What is it, a spaniel? Don't look like a chihuahua to me.
Then I was like

Nah. That is a balloon. A snoopy balloon. Soory. Carry on. Say hi to Woodstock for me.

Dear Thanksgiving,
Iloveyou. Well atleast I thought I did earlier this morning. It just isn't working out though. I mean you were pretty awesome during the turkey and the mashedpotatoes, but by the time stuffing came around, I began to think. Maybe we should see other people, man. y'know christmas is coming round soon.... whatever. The bottom line is you were great. Very sweet. But it ain't working out anymore. Ever since 8:30 you were kinda pathetic and left over'y. Maybe next year around this time we can get together again. Byebye!

sdfljfljngfsfrizzle <3

Saturday, November 27, 2010

commune thanksgiving

when my parents first told me i was going to a commune for thanks giving i kinda freaked out.
in my mind communes are places where hippies live together and smoke pot and farm.
but it turned out to be really fun.
the commune i went to is called twin oaks in virginia.
the people are from all over and live there for free in turn for their work.
the industries in the commune are listen to this...
how cool is that?
those are the main products but they also farm everything you can think of.
a result of farming is they only eat the food they make.
they eat all the greens they grow in the garden and make their own cheese and butter.
it's one of the most eco- friendly places i've ever been to.
the whole commune share 5 cars and everyone else walks and bike.
the woman i stayed with says the hippies that live there are called rainbownards :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


sometimes the things kids do theses days amaze me.
we aren't adults
we shouldn't try to be them
my dad said youth was the best time of your life
why would you want to rush that?
i know that a lot of the time i do
be a kid once and a while
play an old game
sing really loud on the street
play footsie on the train
do hopscotch
have your mom read you a bedtime story
take a bath

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Conversation With My Other Brother

Me: Nils, do you want to have a conversation?

Nils: No. Meh.

Me: Please? I want to talk to you.

Nils: ehhhhhhhhh

Me: um

Nils: clears throat

This conversation isn't interesting

Me: Yes it is.

Nils: (Laughing) poppysticks (laughs) what was the other word he said?

Me: huggala buggala

Nils: huggala buggala

Me: do you want to talk about something?

Nils: bird bird bird, bird is the word. bird bird bird bird bird is the word. Why don't you know about the bird, cause everybody knows that the bird is the word! I said a bird bird, bird is the word. Suruuuurrrffffiiiiinnnn BBBBBBiiiiiirrrrrddddddd meh meh poppa meh me poppa.
Wait I have something funny to write.
Nah take it off.

Me: you know I have to write this down too?

Nils: damn.

Me: You have anything else to add?

Nils: (laughs) poppy sticks. Thanks you, good night New York! Wait wait wait wait wait,
Me: no really, what are you typing in?

Nils: let me type it, let me type it (raises letter opener)

Me: okay world, the next things typed with be from my brother, Nils.


Me:Okay then. Well I think this is long enough. Last words kid?

Nils: No.

Winter (Since everyone's posting about it)

I walk outside today and the first thing I feel is cold. Cold Wind. There are leaves on the ground, brown and old. The tree outside my house stands bare. The sky is a dusty grey. The wind passes through my coat. My cheeks are cold and red. The people across the street have red and green and white lights up in the window. I look away. Is it really that time of year already? It seems like just yesterday the sky was blue, and the air was thick and warm. The sun would hang around with us a little longer before leaving us with cool nights. Now the sun leaves early, leaving us with bitterly cold nights. What's up with that? I watched the sun disappear from the sky at 4:30 pm today. Snuck out with out even a hint.
The coldness bites my toes, and my nose. My lips become dry and cracked. I begin to run a little; at least school is warm.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter in November

My teeth chatter.
My eyes squint in the cold.
My feet squish with every step I take
As icy water is pushed in and sucked out of my shoe.

Winter in November.

Monday, November 8, 2010

In The Winter- Kal

In the winter
I hesitate from leaving my bed
I am scared the cold ragged air
will burn my toes
sometimes things are so cold
there hot
My toes are warm under the down
I want to stay curled in a ball
Never come back to the real world
Find myself asleep again
In the winter
for many to come

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Copying Astrid

S= sophie R= russell

S: hey russell want to have a conversation?

R: No.

S: hey russell want to have a conversation?

R: No.

S: Is'int it ironic that i asked you the same thing twice?

R: Sure.

Donuts and Tumors

Hooray! i just baked donuts that closely resemble my rat's tumor.

A Conversation With My Sister

me: Hey, Sonja do you want to have a conversation?

sister: What?

me: Do you want to talk?

sister: No. I have to go somewhere else now.
Do you know what foofoo's are, Astrid? they're fat pigs. (walks away)

me: Sonja, come back I want to talk to you!

Sister: Sonja, has places to be, sorry bye!
pigs are fat.

me: Not all of them are fat.

sister: No, i'm just pretending that, because foofoo's are fat pigs, but they are fat bunnies too.
(talking to herself)
what's your name? oh you won't tell me? That's not my name, this is not my name.... that's my name! I'm writing it down. Oh that's good, do that. Now color it. What color do you color it? You color it pink. And now you put blue dots around it. There. Oh no, don't do that! Now I need to write something. I need to see where the cap is. I had the cap, i wonder where the cap is... oh, where could it be? Cappy, where are you? (opening crayons) Open it, so they know it's yours. See, that wasn't hard! here we go, theres the yellow! Oh no, where is the orange?

Me: Sonja, you know that I am posting this on a blog?

Sonja: and foofoo's are fat bunnies.

Me: do you have anything else to say.

Sonja: No.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

dying breath

I ain't too excited 'bout dying, and I wish, I wish I had some great heroic statement but, but I don't, I'd tell mama, I love her, but I ain't got no mama, Oh god, I ain't got nothin', I never got nothin', all them people out there with the're fancy cars, and big houses like - I ain't got none o' that crap.

But I had me a dog,

I had that dog fer longer than I wana remember, but he was a great dog... An' I loved him, he was the on'y other thing I'd risk my life for, besides mysef course. That dog loved me too.. I.. I know it. If I don' no nuthin' in this world, I know I loved him,

an now, now it aint so bad, cus ya' see, I'm gonna finally see em' again.....

gym class

Alex storm out of the locker room, after once again being teased over his failed attempt at asking Patricia Stelone, the smartest girl in the school, and probably more than that, on a date.
"bathroom", he muttered to the teacher though he had absolutely no need to go, he ran into the bathroom down the crap filled hallways at his school, ridgeworks high school, and stopped his heart pounding and his feet still echoing on the tile floors, and wit a crunch, Alex realizes that he is alone, for the first time in weeks, he reaches down and fills a bowl of water up from the sink, and puts it down beside him, but before he can go over to place it on the windowsill, where a slight breeze is blowing, he hears a voice coming from down the hall, but it wasn't just a voice, it was Brad Delancy's voice, the voice he heard calling him brutal names, and slamming his face into the sink until he could barely breathe, and pulling him back up again, the same Brad Delancy who used to pound me for walking past him, well he wasn't going to take that shit anymore. He ran out once Brad had passed, and ran back into the locker room.
He ran down the steps tarred with gum and the walls with curse words written so many times, you couldn't even tell what color the wall was anymore. he ran down, 1, 2, 3, isles of lockers until he reached Brads, he stuck his finger onto the sliver of metal that hung out from the locker, grabbed and pulled, he saw Brads, wallet in front of everything else, his phone, keys, ooh he could have some fun screwing with him...
At the back of the locker, there's a small piece of paper, on it reads the words, I've had enough, goodbye. I'm leaving, and no one can stop me., he thought nothing of it, Alex grabs Brad's cell, keys and wallet, and stuffed them into his jeans pocket and left.
With a nod towards the gym teacher, who happens to be asleep, god she knows nothing, why would they higher a 25 year old ditsy girl to teach gym, she should be in palates or something,anyway, he goes into a jog with the rest of the class, it's only when he's been dismised, he pulls James Mattercof off to the side
"You seen Brad?" Alex asks casually
"No I ain't seen him" James says back, confused.
"why would you want to see that jerk?"he asks
"no... reason...." Alex says awkwardly.
But Brad didn't come back, and that day there were police looking for him.Blaring outside his window at night, sirins screeching, and Alex couldn't help but think, I hope they never find the bastard.
It's funny, because on that day, someone also broke into Alex's house, and stole $500 and another $500 worth of food. That night, he notices Brad's wallet still in Alex's pocket, and he looks at it, just looks at it, then he opens his window, and chucks it as far as as he can see, and turns around slowly to face his bed, and doesn't look back.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Conversation from 713

I wrote down what my class was saying once last year while they were planning a winter party.

Class 713 talking about the party thats going on tomorrow, when I'm not going to be in school. I am really bored, so I will write down in my agenda book most of what they are saying starting NOW:

Connor: who wants chinese food?
Ahmad: can I bring fried chicken?
Connor: KFC?
Kayla G: who wants candy?
Ali: I'll bring candy canes!!
~people start talking~
Kayla: everyone, shut up!
Ahmad: I'll bring fried chicken.
Gabby: stop talking about chicken!!
Kayla: Okay, who wants swedish fish?
Everyone: EWWWW!
Tyler C: (singing) ceeeeeelebrate good times c'mon!
Connor: Is anyone alergic to peanuts?
Sabrina E: Timothy is I think.
Kayla: Seriously, who is going to bring what?
Ahmad: fried chicken!
~people talking loudly~
Kayla: guys shut up!!
Kayla: who is bringing cups?
Ahmad: I'm bringing chicken!
Gabby: can I smack him?
Kayla: guys! stop talking already!
Sabrina E: everyone cut it out!
Kayla: guys, we won't have a party if you don't cut it out!
Connor: So.. Ahmad's bringing KFC.
Connor: wait..... if Ahmad brings KFC, who is going to eat it?
~hands raise~
Kayla: who's going to bring cereal?
Connor" I'll get it. Anyone want milk? Wait, who is going to bring spoons and bowls?
Connor: have fun eating cereal with your hands.
~talking starts again~
Kayla: guys, seriously!! Just shut up!
~talking gets louder~
Connor: guys seriously!
Timothy: shut the smurf up!!!

Conversations between me and my Brother

Want to have a conversation?

sure, how do you do it?

 you just talk.

Oh okay.
poppysticks (giggle giggle)


huggala buggala (giggle giggle)

wow, lars. So... hows school

terrible! raw, and awesome... or should I say rawsome!
Wait, can you get rid of the terrible? Astrid, type in giggle giggle again!


are you gonna put this on the blog?

yeah, that is what i am doing right now.

you suck, i'm outta here.
(whispers: that's the end..... its over.... stop typing!)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


a banter arises 
it seems as though it would be a soft comfort from the clouds
i wonder
where do they go
i try to run my fingers over the whites of your eyes
you disappear 
are you gone forever
but you weren't soft in your soul
you hurt me
i am scarred
you are not as audacious as your seem
i am at a vie with life
unison forbids the underworld to meet me in the kitchen
pot roast gets cold
the treaty dinner is swept with a dark silence
terror in the air like a moist breeze
there is no revision to the end
the end stays the same 
in our minds
the same
what do you say?
 i ask
the white breeze leaves the room
i am busy
it passes
it has no heart 
i saw in its mind
alone in the wilderness
but it doesn't care
 feelings gone
your don't care do you 
i don't understand
a door closes

Sitting in ELA

Really bored right now. In the computer lab. 6th period. Day almost over.
It is reaaaally cold outside today.
What high school do you want to go to?
2x3=6   2x4= 8

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When you reach to touch your leaking pipe
You don't expect your gentle fingers to create
Large holes in it.

You don't always get what you expect.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today My Cat Talked

I want food. Now.


I will cut you. Nah, I'm to tired.

First Thoughts about the Rain

Yay! It's raining!
Wait. That's not a good thing.
My basement will be flooded.
What if it starts hailing?
Oh no i forgot mi umbrella.
Oh well.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i dont walk alone because i want to
the curves of the sand caress my arch
when i hit pavement theres a light pitter patter on the street
i listen constantly
the sound of the inanimate are walking with me too
your never alone
thats what my grandmam would say
but on this long straight path
i feel no one ever could see me
on my concrete road
im always alone
just me and the rubber between 
living and process 

Three Books to Read Before the End of The World

Angela's Ashes
The Book Thief
The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-time
Thank you fo your time.


Trying to upload the video.
Computer to slow.
trying to export video off iMovie.
16 minutes left.

Ok, now it's fourteen minutes. 
preparing project...
preparing project...
preparing project...

thirteen minutes.
Oh, the joy of waiting for a slow computer to loaaad.
The screen grows dark, then the light snaps back on.
The blue shimmering loading bar just turned grey.
Is this supposed to sound poetic? No. Not really.
Preparing project... Time remaining: about 11 minutes.
Hope you enjoyed reading this

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things to do when your BORED

  • eat a bananana
  • right a peom
  • say hi to the everyone in the neighborhood
  • bake a cake
  • sniff a rake
  • look at the sun
  • burn your eyes
  • say toy boat 3 times fast
  • make a blog
  • follow a blog
  • follow your self
  • bite a paper
Ouch paper cut!
  • pack of ice
  • off to bed

Hey all comment
BY: the person you know who is always close by huh huh no ok =)

Monday, October 4, 2010

All the Time

Life Cannot be measured
New species
New era
It's not just random
Things don't just happen
But the birth of a World

Find me in time
Live by the code
You won't be a lone
Crazy or sane
in Love or out on the town
Live by the code 
Find me in time

Sunday, October 3, 2010


3 mini toblerone wrappers

4 nerds

2 dollars

1 dime

A pen.

Prescilla the Light and the Lone Mass

say there was a lone mass
all alone in space
all alone in the universe
lonely with no one to talk to
with one lone light
he named this light perscilla 
percsilla and the lone mass became strong friends 
the lone mass no longer was alone
there is a lone mass
with perscilla in space
perscilla the light and the lone mass in the universe
talking to each other

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yes, it's complicated.
What did you expect?
I told you already it isn't easy to explain.
Its hard when you have to act like that.
Honestly. It's almost impossible to manage.
But, it doesn't work like that.
We need to eat don't we?
I don't know it's a hard situation.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I say I don't believe in god
But when I think of them
I look up
to where heaven is said to be
and I talk to the ceiling 
when I talk
Sometimes i cry
Sometimes i don't 
I say i don't believe in god
But what's a girl supposed to do

It's these situations that confuse me
Have you tried being with out generations
Now its 2 rather than 4
People say thats a lonely number
But how can you trust what people say
they said
there is a god in the sky
he loves everyone
everything is done for a reason
If anything recorded was true
i'd have an even number 
i'd be a four
not a lonely 2
I say i don't believe in god
But what's a girl supposed to do



                                                                     I LOVE THIS

10 Things To Know About Octopi- From a Teen Boys mind.

1. They have eight legs
2. I mean tentacles
3. Nine of these tentacles are actually concealed rocket launchers
4. The blue ring octopus is poisonous 
5. All octopi are purple
6. They can open a jar. Of what? you ask. Just a jar.
7. They shoot ink from their butt. 
8. Dey mad dope
9. They have suction cups on their arms
10. I mean tentacles. 

My day

                                     My brother is sitting on a car.
                                       No, the car is not moving.
                                              I have an idea.
                                          I climb onto the car.
                               I say "i'm gonna push you of the car"
                                                He screams.
                                  I push my brother of the car.

                                              It starts to rain.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

To Fellow Bloggers

Just a little note :) Color postings come out clearer on the background!

Try Being in Middle School Again You Parents!

I just wrote three long paragraphs about what my day was like and high school. It was really good and I put an hour of effort into it. And guess what marvelous thing occurs. I try to change the color of one word and it all deletes. What a wonderful world in the word of Louis Armstrong. So if this has ever happened to you which Im sure it has, i feel your pain. 
Basically right now Im typing really fast on pure anger. 
So instead of writing it all again I'll give you a briefing

- My parents are more involved in High School applications than me
- My dad made me a list of jobs like nuero scientist and physicist.
- I'm no mathematician
- I skipped Ballet today
- Ballet is not for wimps.
        If anyone wants to see my leg muscles to prove it i'll gladly oblige. 
-I'm scarred dance high schools won't accept me
- "Passion" in dance usually looks plain cheesy.
- I wanna Be a biogeneticist 
- Study of genes and mixing species 
-I got good at looking through a microscope Etc.
- My Twin is driving me bananas 
- Over the summer I fell in love with rock climbing
-Im looking at a school majoring in Scuba Tomorrow.

PS. To get the fullest out of this post read it in one breathe. If there are any medical emergencies do to this instruction..."Wasn't Me!"

Love, Laady <3