Tuesday, October 26, 2010

dying breath

I ain't too excited 'bout dying, and I wish, I wish I had some great heroic statement but, but I don't, I'd tell mama, I love her, but I ain't got no mama, Oh god, I ain't got nothin', I never got nothin', all them people out there with the're fancy cars, and big houses like - I ain't got none o' that crap.

But I had me a dog,

I had that dog fer longer than I wana remember, but he was a great dog... An' I loved him, he was the on'y other thing I'd risk my life for, besides mysef course. That dog loved me too.. I.. I know it. If I don' no nuthin' in this world, I know I loved him,

an now, now it aint so bad, cus ya' see, I'm gonna finally see em' again.....

gym class

Alex storm out of the locker room, after once again being teased over his failed attempt at asking Patricia Stelone, the smartest girl in the school, and probably more than that, on a date.
"bathroom", he muttered to the teacher though he had absolutely no need to go, he ran into the bathroom down the crap filled hallways at his school, ridgeworks high school, and stopped his heart pounding and his feet still echoing on the tile floors, and wit a crunch, Alex realizes that he is alone, for the first time in weeks, he reaches down and fills a bowl of water up from the sink, and puts it down beside him, but before he can go over to place it on the windowsill, where a slight breeze is blowing, he hears a voice coming from down the hall, but it wasn't just a voice, it was Brad Delancy's voice, the voice he heard calling him brutal names, and slamming his face into the sink until he could barely breathe, and pulling him back up again, the same Brad Delancy who used to pound me for walking past him, well he wasn't going to take that shit anymore. He ran out once Brad had passed, and ran back into the locker room.
He ran down the steps tarred with gum and the walls with curse words written so many times, you couldn't even tell what color the wall was anymore. he ran down, 1, 2, 3, isles of lockers until he reached Brads, he stuck his finger onto the sliver of metal that hung out from the locker, grabbed and pulled, he saw Brads, wallet in front of everything else, his phone, keys, ooh he could have some fun screwing with him...
At the back of the locker, there's a small piece of paper, on it reads the words, I've had enough, goodbye. I'm leaving, and no one can stop me., he thought nothing of it, Alex grabs Brad's cell, keys and wallet, and stuffed them into his jeans pocket and left.
With a nod towards the gym teacher, who happens to be asleep, god she knows nothing, why would they higher a 25 year old ditsy girl to teach gym, she should be in palates or something,anyway, he goes into a jog with the rest of the class, it's only when he's been dismised, he pulls James Mattercof off to the side
"You seen Brad?" Alex asks casually
"No I ain't seen him" James says back, confused.
"why would you want to see that jerk?"he asks
"no... reason...." Alex says awkwardly.
But Brad didn't come back, and that day there were police looking for him.Blaring outside his window at night, sirins screeching, and Alex couldn't help but think, I hope they never find the bastard.
It's funny, because on that day, someone also broke into Alex's house, and stole $500 and another $500 worth of food. That night, he notices Brad's wallet still in Alex's pocket, and he looks at it, just looks at it, then he opens his window, and chucks it as far as as he can see, and turns around slowly to face his bed, and doesn't look back.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Conversation from 713

I wrote down what my class was saying once last year while they were planning a winter party.

Class 713 talking about the party thats going on tomorrow, when I'm not going to be in school. I am really bored, so I will write down in my agenda book most of what they are saying starting NOW:

Connor: who wants chinese food?
Ahmad: can I bring fried chicken?
Connor: KFC?
Kayla G: who wants candy?
Ali: I'll bring candy canes!!
~people start talking~
Kayla: everyone, shut up!
Ahmad: I'll bring fried chicken.
Gabby: stop talking about chicken!!
Kayla: Okay, who wants swedish fish?
Everyone: EWWWW!
Tyler C: (singing) ceeeeeelebrate good times c'mon!
Connor: Is anyone alergic to peanuts?
Sabrina E: Timothy is I think.
Kayla: Seriously, who is going to bring what?
Ahmad: fried chicken!
~people talking loudly~
Kayla: guys shut up!!
Kayla: who is bringing cups?
Ahmad: I'm bringing chicken!
Gabby: can I smack him?
Kayla: guys! stop talking already!
Sabrina E: everyone cut it out!
Kayla: guys, we won't have a party if you don't cut it out!
Connor: So.. Ahmad's bringing KFC.
Connor: wait..... if Ahmad brings KFC, who is going to eat it?
~hands raise~
Kayla: who's going to bring cereal?
Connor" I'll get it. Anyone want milk? Wait, who is going to bring spoons and bowls?
Connor: have fun eating cereal with your hands.
~talking starts again~
Kayla: guys, seriously!! Just shut up!
~talking gets louder~
Connor: guys seriously!
Timothy: shut the smurf up!!!

Conversations between me and my Brother

Want to have a conversation?

sure, how do you do it?

 you just talk.

Oh okay.
poppysticks (giggle giggle)


huggala buggala (giggle giggle)

wow, lars. So... hows school

terrible! raw, and awesome... or should I say rawsome!
Wait, can you get rid of the terrible? Astrid, type in giggle giggle again!


are you gonna put this on the blog?

yeah, that is what i am doing right now.

you suck, i'm outta here.
(whispers: that's the end..... its over.... stop typing!)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


a banter arises 
it seems as though it would be a soft comfort from the clouds
i wonder
where do they go
i try to run my fingers over the whites of your eyes
you disappear 
are you gone forever
but you weren't soft in your soul
you hurt me
i am scarred
you are not as audacious as your seem
i am at a vie with life
unison forbids the underworld to meet me in the kitchen
pot roast gets cold
the treaty dinner is swept with a dark silence
terror in the air like a moist breeze
there is no revision to the end
the end stays the same 
in our minds
the same
what do you say?
 i ask
the white breeze leaves the room
i am busy
it passes
it has no heart 
i saw in its mind
alone in the wilderness
but it doesn't care
 feelings gone
your don't care do you 
i don't understand
a door closes

Sitting in ELA

Really bored right now. In the computer lab. 6th period. Day almost over.
It is reaaaally cold outside today.
What high school do you want to go to?
2x3=6   2x4= 8

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When you reach to touch your leaking pipe
You don't expect your gentle fingers to create
Large holes in it.

You don't always get what you expect.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today My Cat Talked

I want food. Now.


I will cut you. Nah, I'm to tired.

First Thoughts about the Rain

Yay! It's raining!
Wait. That's not a good thing.
My basement will be flooded.
What if it starts hailing?
Oh no i forgot mi umbrella.
Oh well.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i dont walk alone because i want to
the curves of the sand caress my arch
when i hit pavement theres a light pitter patter on the street
i listen constantly
the sound of the inanimate are walking with me too
your never alone
thats what my grandmam would say
but on this long straight path
i feel no one ever could see me
on my concrete road
im always alone
just me and the rubber between 
living and process 

Three Books to Read Before the End of The World

Angela's Ashes
The Book Thief
The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-time
Thank you fo your time.


Trying to upload the video.
Computer to slow.
trying to export video off iMovie.
16 minutes left.

Ok, now it's fourteen minutes. 
preparing project...
preparing project...
preparing project...

thirteen minutes.
Oh, the joy of waiting for a slow computer to loaaad.
The screen grows dark, then the light snaps back on.
The blue shimmering loading bar just turned grey.
Is this supposed to sound poetic? No. Not really.
Preparing project... Time remaining: about 11 minutes.
Hope you enjoyed reading this

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things to do when your BORED

  • eat a bananana
  • right a peom
  • say hi to the everyone in the neighborhood
  • bake a cake
  • sniff a rake
  • look at the sun
  • burn your eyes
  • say toy boat 3 times fast
  • make a blog
  • follow a blog
  • follow your self
  • bite a paper
Ouch paper cut!
  • pack of ice
  • off to bed

Hey all comment
BY: the person you know who is always close by huh huh no ok =)

Monday, October 4, 2010

All the Time

Life Cannot be measured
New species
New era
It's not just random
Things don't just happen
But the birth of a World

Find me in time
Live by the code
You won't be a lone
Crazy or sane
in Love or out on the town
Live by the code 
Find me in time

Sunday, October 3, 2010


3 mini toblerone wrappers

4 nerds

2 dollars

1 dime

A pen.

Prescilla the Light and the Lone Mass

say there was a lone mass
all alone in space
all alone in the universe
lonely with no one to talk to
with one lone light
he named this light perscilla 
percsilla and the lone mass became strong friends 
the lone mass no longer was alone
there is a lone mass
with perscilla in space
perscilla the light and the lone mass in the universe
talking to each other

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yes, it's complicated.
What did you expect?
I told you already it isn't easy to explain.
Its hard when you have to act like that.
Honestly. It's almost impossible to manage.
But, it doesn't work like that.
We need to eat don't we?
I don't know it's a hard situation.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I say I don't believe in god
But when I think of them
I look up
to where heaven is said to be
and I talk to the ceiling 
when I talk
Sometimes i cry
Sometimes i don't 
I say i don't believe in god
But what's a girl supposed to do

It's these situations that confuse me
Have you tried being with out generations
Now its 2 rather than 4
People say thats a lonely number
But how can you trust what people say
they said
there is a god in the sky
he loves everyone
everything is done for a reason
If anything recorded was true
i'd have an even number 
i'd be a four
not a lonely 2
I say i don't believe in god
But what's a girl supposed to do



                                                                     I LOVE THIS

10 Things To Know About Octopi- From a Teen Boys mind.

1. They have eight legs
2. I mean tentacles
3. Nine of these tentacles are actually concealed rocket launchers
4. The blue ring octopus is poisonous 
5. All octopi are purple
6. They can open a jar. Of what? you ask. Just a jar.
7. They shoot ink from their butt. 
8. Dey mad dope
9. They have suction cups on their arms
10. I mean tentacles. 

My day

                                     My brother is sitting on a car.
                                       No, the car is not moving.
                                              I have an idea.
                                          I climb onto the car.
                               I say "i'm gonna push you of the car"
                                                He screams.
                                  I push my brother of the car.

                                              It starts to rain.