Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Town

Orange Walls. Paint Peeling. Gray Skies. Gray Sidewalks. Big cars. People walking. Black Coats. Tall buildings. Brownstones. Small houses. Schools that sometimes look like prisons. Schools that sometimes feel like prisons. Parks with playgrounds and astro turf. Kids named Oliver or Chester. People giving looks. Eating pizza. Doing homework. Not doing homework. Drawing acting dancing singing photographing filming playing hanging watching saying. Posting on blogs. Writing reading responses. Reading books. Listening to music. Old music new music. Trying to speak in spanish. Rebelling. Rebelling without a cause. Being loud. Being different. Being normal. Trying to understand math. Understanding math. doodling. spacing out. looking out a window. Being told to pay attention. Thinking about things to post on a blog. Posting them. Thinking about what to title this post. Not being sure. Having second thoughts. Watching TV. laughing. Thinking about high school. Not thinking about high school. Wondering, imagining, making people laugh. Wearing combat boots. Being yourself.

Our town.

Monday, November 29, 2010

A freaky ode to thanksgiving

Saw the parade on NBC the other day. Saw that snoopy balloon and was like

Wow that's a big dog you got there, guys. What is it, a spaniel? Don't look like a chihuahua to me.
Then I was like

Nah. That is a balloon. A snoopy balloon. Soory. Carry on. Say hi to Woodstock for me.

Dear Thanksgiving,
Iloveyou. Well atleast I thought I did earlier this morning. It just isn't working out though. I mean you were pretty awesome during the turkey and the mashedpotatoes, but by the time stuffing came around, I began to think. Maybe we should see other people, man. y'know christmas is coming round soon.... whatever. The bottom line is you were great. Very sweet. But it ain't working out anymore. Ever since 8:30 you were kinda pathetic and left over'y. Maybe next year around this time we can get together again. Byebye!

sdfljfljngfsfrizzle <3

Saturday, November 27, 2010

commune thanksgiving

when my parents first told me i was going to a commune for thanks giving i kinda freaked out.
in my mind communes are places where hippies live together and smoke pot and farm.
but it turned out to be really fun.
the commune i went to is called twin oaks in virginia.
the people are from all over and live there for free in turn for their work.
the industries in the commune are listen to this...
how cool is that?
those are the main products but they also farm everything you can think of.
a result of farming is they only eat the food they make.
they eat all the greens they grow in the garden and make their own cheese and butter.
it's one of the most eco- friendly places i've ever been to.
the whole commune share 5 cars and everyone else walks and bike.
the woman i stayed with says the hippies that live there are called rainbownards :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


sometimes the things kids do theses days amaze me.
we aren't adults
we shouldn't try to be them
my dad said youth was the best time of your life
why would you want to rush that?
i know that a lot of the time i do
be a kid once and a while
play an old game
sing really loud on the street
play footsie on the train
do hopscotch
have your mom read you a bedtime story
take a bath

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Conversation With My Other Brother

Me: Nils, do you want to have a conversation?

Nils: No. Meh.

Me: Please? I want to talk to you.

Nils: ehhhhhhhhh

Me: um

Nils: clears throat

This conversation isn't interesting

Me: Yes it is.

Nils: (Laughing) poppysticks (laughs) what was the other word he said?

Me: huggala buggala

Nils: huggala buggala

Me: do you want to talk about something?

Nils: bird bird bird, bird is the word. bird bird bird bird bird is the word. Why don't you know about the bird, cause everybody knows that the bird is the word! I said a bird bird, bird is the word. Suruuuurrrffffiiiiinnnn BBBBBBiiiiiirrrrrddddddd meh meh poppa meh me poppa.
Wait I have something funny to write.
Nah take it off.

Me: you know I have to write this down too?

Nils: damn.

Me: You have anything else to add?

Nils: (laughs) poppy sticks. Thanks you, good night New York! Wait wait wait wait wait,
Me: no really, what are you typing in?

Nils: let me type it, let me type it (raises letter opener)

Me: okay world, the next things typed with be from my brother, Nils.


Me:Okay then. Well I think this is long enough. Last words kid?

Nils: No.

Winter (Since everyone's posting about it)

I walk outside today and the first thing I feel is cold. Cold Wind. There are leaves on the ground, brown and old. The tree outside my house stands bare. The sky is a dusty grey. The wind passes through my coat. My cheeks are cold and red. The people across the street have red and green and white lights up in the window. I look away. Is it really that time of year already? It seems like just yesterday the sky was blue, and the air was thick and warm. The sun would hang around with us a little longer before leaving us with cool nights. Now the sun leaves early, leaving us with bitterly cold nights. What's up with that? I watched the sun disappear from the sky at 4:30 pm today. Snuck out with out even a hint.
The coldness bites my toes, and my nose. My lips become dry and cracked. I begin to run a little; at least school is warm.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter in November

My teeth chatter.
My eyes squint in the cold.
My feet squish with every step I take
As icy water is pushed in and sucked out of my shoe.

Winter in November.

Monday, November 8, 2010

In The Winter- Kal

In the winter
I hesitate from leaving my bed
I am scared the cold ragged air
will burn my toes
sometimes things are so cold
there hot
My toes are warm under the down
I want to stay curled in a ball
Never come back to the real world
Find myself asleep again
In the winter
for many to come

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Copying Astrid

S= sophie R= russell

S: hey russell want to have a conversation?

R: No.

S: hey russell want to have a conversation?

R: No.

S: Is'int it ironic that i asked you the same thing twice?

R: Sure.

Donuts and Tumors

Hooray! i just baked donuts that closely resemble my rat's tumor.

A Conversation With My Sister

me: Hey, Sonja do you want to have a conversation?

sister: What?

me: Do you want to talk?

sister: No. I have to go somewhere else now.
Do you know what foofoo's are, Astrid? they're fat pigs. (walks away)

me: Sonja, come back I want to talk to you!

Sister: Sonja, has places to be, sorry bye!
pigs are fat.

me: Not all of them are fat.

sister: No, i'm just pretending that, because foofoo's are fat pigs, but they are fat bunnies too.
(talking to herself)
what's your name? oh you won't tell me? That's not my name, this is not my name.... that's my name! I'm writing it down. Oh that's good, do that. Now color it. What color do you color it? You color it pink. And now you put blue dots around it. There. Oh no, don't do that! Now I need to write something. I need to see where the cap is. I had the cap, i wonder where the cap is... oh, where could it be? Cappy, where are you? (opening crayons) Open it, so they know it's yours. See, that wasn't hard! here we go, theres the yellow! Oh no, where is the orange?

Me: Sonja, you know that I am posting this on a blog?

Sonja: and foofoo's are fat bunnies.

Me: do you have anything else to say.

Sonja: No.