Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Post-Tonsilectomy Astrid

My god. My throat hurts so much.
It's been around 30 hours since i got my tonsils out and the pain seems to be escalating. I got pain killers to take every four hours. They help a lot, but near the end of the four hours it starts to hurt like hell.
I have a need to type for some reason.
Whoa it burns.
I'm sorry, I'm not quite right in the head... the painkillers are making me really happy and really drowsy. I'm probably not even going to remember this in a few weeks.
I'm sleepy.
My brother is watching iCarly. Mreghlifg.
Wow I really have to go to sleep. I'm getting so tired so fast.
Today I watched The Lady From Shanghai and Stranger Than Paradise and like four hours of 30 Rock.
The movies were really really good, you should watch them.
I'm very aware no ones gonna be reading this anytime soon, what with the stuff about high school and everything. How's that goin for everyone by the way? Laguardia is very fun and nice and stuff.
My head feels mushy. It takes a lot of effort to swallow.
If you are reading this, I'm sorry this makes no sense.
My right hand is dizzy... I had an IV or something or other stuck in it during the hospital.
iCarly makes my head hurt. The laugh track is so annoying.
AH I just hiccuped. That seriously hurt.
Again, i'm sorry if you're reading this. At this point, I'm just typing whatever pops into my head.
Wow, I really should sleep.
My brother just read that line and said, "yeah you should."
Now he said "yeah, you are very lonely right now."
And to him I say- no, I'm not. I'm just sleepy and on painkillers. And in brutal pain I'm trying to keep my mind off of.
Alright. I'm forcing myself off of here.
One last time, very very sorry. Goodnight blog in forest. Hope life and stuff is working out for all of y'all.

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